Sprinters leader partner: Cullera (Spain)

Cullera is a coastal town placed 40 km at south of Valencia, next to the Xúquer river mouth. Its streets ascend through the hillside of the Serra de Les Raboses that reach 233 meters of altitude above the sea level and mark the southern limit of the Albufera of Valencia. Its territorial extension is 54km and it has a population of 23.500 inhabitants. In summer the overall of residents reach 150.000

It has 14km of beaches, a sports and fishing harbor, six museums and a Mediterranean weather that offers 2.600 hours of sun per year and a very nice temperature in both, summer and winter.

The nearness to Valencia is the most important peculiarity of Cullera as a medium-sized city, but this proximity affects the evaluation of the environmental conditions and its indicators of quality of life and wellness.

Services are the main economy of the city and this sector is linked to tourism and related activities.

Between 2007-2013, Cullera participated in several projects financed by the EU, as partner or leader. The most important projects that were implemented along this time were:

    1. NEWCIMED – “New Cities of the Mediterranean Sea Basin”
    2. CULLERA IMPULS that was approved in 2007 in order to co-finance projects of both, local and urban development during the  intervention period. The project received a grant of 2,135,807.4€