GIPACOR is the new Sprinters partner

A GIP is a management structure that facilitates the managing of both regional and national projects. The Gip of Corsica, with its experience related to belonging to the National Education, accompanies you in all your projects related to education and training throughout life to achieve the following goals:

  • The implementation and development of cooperation between several Corsica’s socio-economic partners in the fields of adult continuing education, training and professional integration in the context of educational and vocational activities.
  • The implementation of the measures predicted in the European Employment Strategy and the Structural Funds programming documents and the management of related funding.

The GIP relies on The Greta Network. A regional and national network specific to the National Education. By developing this network,  GIPACOR will ensure that you will find a privileged interlocutor for all your training issues, close to you and attentive to your specific needs.

Synergy, readability and the scope of projects are the major advantages of GIPACOR:

  • Its legal structure allows the pooling of resources of different public partners.
  • Its intervention framework: lifelong training led by the Rector of the Academy.
  • Better visibility for internal and external partners.
  • Implementation of the measures predicted in the European Employment.
  • Strategy with the permanent promotion of professional equality between men and women and the fight against exclusion.

These are some of the services that GIPACOR offers:

  • The CAFOC is in charge of the ongoing training of GRETA actors from the Corsican Academy. It is at the service of the professionalization of the teams and contributes his support, advice and engineering to the GRETA development projects.
  • The DAVA is the national education organization in charge of the VAE for diplomas from CAP to BTS. With its team of advisers, the DAVA accompanies the candidates in their career.
  • The TSE or “Occupational Health and Safety Education” is an essential component of professional degrees. It responds to an issue of prevention of occupational risks for students and apprentices, future employees. It mobilizes the actors of the training and requires the provision of educational tools.
  • The mission to fight against school dropout (MLDS) is part of the networks of partners of monitoring and support platforms of the National Education and particularly the network training qualification job