Sprinters partner: Ponza (Italy)

Ponza is a municipality of the Province of Latina placed in the Italian region of Lazio. It is the largest of the archipelago of the Italian Pontinas Islands, located 33 km south of Cape Circo in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The economy of Ponza is essentially based on fishing and summer tourism, which explains the effort that this municipality puts in both, cultural and sport activities and events each year.

Every summer an anual event is held, the “Ponza State” that opens the islands to the thousands of visitors who will be fascinated by its natural resources. During the event, people will have the opportunity of take part in several sports activities and competitions.

Polisportiva Dilettantistica Ponza is an italian sporting association that operates on the island by integrating moral and sporting values through the entire social community. The association is very