Regional Natural Park of Corsica

The Regional Natural Park of Corsica covers nearly 40% of the surface of the island and contains approximately 26.700 inhabitants. The Natural Park, with its rich natural and cultural heritage, is developing a project based on the preservation and improvement of the heritage which is carried out by all the partners.

The project aims to protect and enhance the natural, cultural and human heritage of its territory through the implementation of an innovative policy of economic, social and cultural development for the environment.

An essential axis of its activities is to ensure a new development by restoring its place as a territory of social and economic life on the island.

The work done by local eco-developers and technicians has supported and currently supports actions such as:

  • Efforts towards mountain farming by the restoration of sheepfolds.
  • Programmed improvement actions of housing.
  • Restoration and enhancement of built heritage.
  • Gathering of knowledge.
  • Archeology, crafts and fire prevention.

One of the most visible actions for the benefit of the villages is the development of hiking activities: nearly 1500 km of marked trails, more than 1400 beds were made in lodges or refuge on the trail path between sea and mountain “Mare e Monti”, from one sea to another “Mare a Mare”, altitude “the GR20” or country trails.