Sprinters natural spaces: Central Balkan National Park and Bulkarka

The Central Balkan National Park is placed in the heart of Bulgaria and has the highest portions of the Balkan Range. It was established in 1991 to protect, for the benefits of society, the singular nature of the Central Stara Planina Range and related traditions and livelihood.

The natural park “Bulgarka” contains unique wildlife and ecological systems . It is situated on the northern slopes and ridges of both Shipchenska and Trevnenska mountains covering an area of 22000 hectares.


The main objective is the preservation, reestablishment and maintenance of natural beech and the springs of the Yantra river in its upper part. 80% of the park area is covered with forests and 75% of them are beech forests.

Conservation management needs to be planned and sustained along the year, through the control and monitoring of human activities and biodiversity. Footpaths are not clean for all – trampling signs, rubbish left behind or blown around and fire remains from barbecues indicate that a further effort toward monitoring and enforcement by wardens is required. Recreational activities should be carried out only under strict management plans. In this context, an urgent action is required to avoid the complete degradation of the natural and coastal environment.

The most popular sports in the area are: mountain bike, climbing, sport orienting and street workout.