Sprinters natural spaces: Pontine Islands

The Pontine islands identify a volcanic archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It extends around 12 square kilometers and has a combined population of about 5,000 inhabitants. The archipelago include six main islands: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Gavi, Ventotene, Santo Stefano. This portion of territory is the result of a fruitful relationship between natural, cultural and landscape, recognized nationally and internationally.

It is a land of great attractiveness that in last years has worked on several socio-economic aspects encouraged and conducted by local actors. The flora, fauna, sea or land are protected through a system that imposes restrictions on use and access into several areas of the territory.

The protected area contains three areas with different protections. The innermost is the integral reserve, which coincides with the most biologically intact area. Thus, it needs more defense. Restrictions on the use and abuse of natural spaces are not only a burden to the inhabitants of the area but also guarantee their better  government and increase the benefits of fishing.

Every year, on the island of Ponza several sporting events are organized that integrate tourism and social development. It is worth to stand out the “Giroponza”, which is a non-competitive boat and canoe amateur race, or  “Giro podistico Isola di Ponza”, a jogging tour and the “Settimana Velica Ponziana”, an event with inshore racing.