Sprinters natural spaces: The Natural Park Albufera of Valencia

The Natural Park Albufera of Valencia, with 21,000 hectares, is one of the most interesting and representative natural areas of Valencia, and its value is recognized in both nationally and internationally by providing a great example of the interaction between man and nature in the generation of landscapes and lifestyles of excepcional value and interest.

The Albufera is located about 15 kilometers at south of the city of Valencia and it is the largest lake on the Iberian Peninsula. The lake is completely owned by the municipality of Valencia that borders several cities such as Cullera.

In the east, It sis separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow sandy strip of about 1.200 meters of pine and scrubland, which act as natural dam of the pond. Through this shorefront we can find the three spillways (El pujol, El Perellonet and el Perello) that allow the flooding of approximately 18.000 hectares of surrounding land dedicated to rice. The Albufera is fed by the fresh waters of ravines, ditches and springs.

In the Albufera we can find one of the most traditional humanized landscapes of the Spanish Mediterranean and is one of the areas  of greatest ecological value in Spain.

Some of the problems of the Natural Park of the Albufera are: the contamination, urban pressure on the dune system, industrial pressure in the northern sector and the excessive tourist and recreational pressure.

Both the Act Statement Park as the Plan of Management of Natural Resources Watershed Albufera and the recent approval of the Rector of Use and Management of the Albufera Plan have alleviated some of these problems.

Currently, the PRUG (Rector of Use and Management of the Albufera Plan) for Albufera is the framework within which the activities are executed directly related to the management of the Natural Park Albufera, and in particular the protection, conservation, improvement, study, education, enjoyment orderly and sustainable use of environmental and cultural values.