Sprinters partner: The European Center for Innovation, Education, Science and Culture of Gabrovo (Bulgaria)

The European Center for Innovation, Education, Science and Culture (ECIESC) is a Bulgarian public benefit foundation placed in Gabrovo. It conducts informative campaigns and seminars, trainings and conferences in order to improve the knowledge and create the best conditions for the development and success of young people in finding innovative solutions. Moreover, the center wants to encourage the professional development of disadvantaged people by facilitating social integration as well as personal and professional development.


ECIESC work with young people aged between 16 and 30 years to develop their responsibility, teamwork, communication skills, striving for personal and professional development by promoting and participating in activities related with social and cultural life.

It aims to encourage the personal and professional development of young people in both, marketing and advertising areas. Furthermore, It wants to promote the development of personal and profesional abilities. The European Center is MoveWeek coordinator for Gabrovo district.

Its training center is supported by education teachers from local schools with modern knowledge in sports psychology, anatomy, physiology and sports hygiene.