The Sprinters project celebrates its Olympics games on the Italian island of Ponza from October 1 to 4

Twelve athletes from each participating countries will participate in the four disciplines promoted by this European project

The island of Ponza, on the Italian coast, halfway between Rome and Naples, hosts the Olympics Sprinters from 1 to 4 October, a environmentally friendly sports competition. The project, coordinated by the municipality of Cullera and financed by the European Union and the Erasmus + program, promotes sporting activities in protected natural areas and the creation of sustainable startups in the sector.

For 4 days, 12 athletes from each of the five member countries of Sprinters -Bulgaria, Spain, France, Italy and Latvia- will compete in the disciplines of Nordic walking, mountain biking, canoeing and running. The competitions will be mixed and with no age limit.

On Tuesday 2 October, the Olympics will begin with the canoeing and running events, with the mottos ‘Rowing for Europe’ and ‘Running for Europe’. The canoeing competition includes sessions between 8 and 10 participants, if weather conditions allow it, will travel a mile in the area of ​​Bourbon Harbor.

From the same place the race ‘Running for Europe’ of 5 kilometers long will start and run along the panoramic road of Ponza and will be diverted by a natural path that leads until the town of Santa María and back to the port.

Wednesday, October 3 will be the day to test the resistance of the athletes. ‘The Nordic march through Europe’ will be a competition of three kilometers long in which participants will walk on natural paths that will bring them to a hill 600 meters high.

The biking race will be 4 kilometers long that can continue up to 10 kilometers. It is a circular route along a greenway through the Fortino-Forte Papa natural park.