Sprinters partner: Mersrags (Latvia)

Mersrags is located in the Golf of Riga (Latvia) and it is a city with an excepcional and rich culture. The sea has always been known as the hearth of its region. Fishermen and craftsmen live here and sail all over the world.

The community offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, the heritage of history and culture and an atmosphere of peace and silence. In Mersrags live about 2000 inhabitants in 12.480ha.

The winners of Nordic Walking, author of the photo Zane Alkšbirze
The winners of Nordic Walking, author of the photo Zane Alkšbirze

In the municipality you can enjoy a Lake Nature Park which contains 20,4% of the territory. In addition, you can find a beautiful beach of sand and stones. You can take a walk, run, practice nordic hiking or other sport activities along the 12 km of beach. Fishing competitions are also held regularly.

There are very developed industry areas, such as fishery, timber transporting and export, fish processing and a port transit service. Mersrags has a social center service, a information service, a culture center, a harbor and a school.

Mersrags secondary school has 200 students that practice several sport activities like fishing or football. The school has been cooperating with the Hvalso school in Denmark for 15 years, therefore, they have a lot of experience in the organization of summer camps. In this camps they organice several activities in the school areas (like the stadium or the forest) and in nature protected areas such as on the beach, campsites and the Lake Engure Nature Park, an area with a wild and intact nature. Both, tourist and students appreciate these camps and the activities.