The Universitat de València is the scientific partner of the Sprinters Project

The old “Estudi General de València” founded in 1499 and initially dedicated to the study of medicine, humanities, theology and laws, has today become a model European university, open to the culture of practically every branch of teaching.

Currently, the University of València stands out as one of the main public research organizations in Spain, with more than three thousand researchers integrated in 90 departments, 19 institutes and other research units belonging to social, biomedical, human, experimental and formal sciences.

Along with human resources, the facilities and their equipment guarantee the quality of a huge scientific and technological offer which is available for the society.

The university of València is a leading academic organization at national level, with a remarkable international dimension, which ranks among the top 300 in several university ranks. Such as, Shangai Ranking, THE World University Ranking and University Ranking by Academic Performance which measures academic performance of 2500 higher education centres, based on scientific publications.